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Don’t Overthink the MPC Call

Hi Danny, We're IT Recruiters, and we specialize in ERP software like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, MS Dynamics, QAD etc. For marketing, we use the MPC method. I have some great data mining tools, that help me figure who the IT director is or who manages ERP, phone numbers and email addresses. Here's my problem: The only way I know how to figure out what ERP package a specific company is using, is one at a time by hand. Searching LinkedIn, resumes, job postings etc. looking for any indication of what software a particular company is using. This takes a great deal of time. Additionally, I don't think it would be a good marketing call if I pitch an Oracle guy only to find out they don't have Oracle. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? ATD Response: You’re over thinking this. “Thinking”, said OJ Simpson, “is what gets you caught from behind.” (He said this when referring to linebackers, not police cruisers!) I don’t think you HAVE to know whether you are calling an IT director who uses SAP with a candidate who knows SAP. Of course that would be excellent, and if you track every one of these conversations and add notes to your CRM, [...]

Fast Track Series: Why Clients Procrastinate

Fast Track Series: Why Clients Procrastinate How to Make the Hiring Process MOVE Faster! When you or I put off doing something, we are clarifying our values; when your clients do it, they are craven cowards unable to make simple hiring decisions! In our many training seminars and retreats and nearly every day in our online Ask Danny section, the frustrated recruiter wants to know why? Why do they tell us to get great candidates and then take so long to respond to the resume? Why do they tell us they want to hire and then after finding the perfect candidate find themselves unable to pull the trigger? Why do Clients Procrastinate? And since they are the customer, is there anything we can do about it? Get your control freak self into lotus position, think happy thoughts, and check out this video Fast Track Series where Dannytook on this topic live with a group of your colleagues. You will come away understanding why your clients act the way they do, and armed with methods that will modify their behavior. Video Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes Member Price: $134.99 Click to Order

We’re Going to Lose

Hi Danny, Recently I had a candidate that applied to my client two weeks prior to me reaching out to them. They did not apply for the position that I was recruiting for but applied for a position in a different capacity. Furthermore, two weeks ago, the client did reach out to the candidate regarding the position I am recruiting for but the candidate politely expressed no interest in it stating "I did not apply for the Director position". When I reached out to her she said she had a change of heart and is indeed interested in the director role. I proceeded to present the candidate to my client for that very Director position I am assisting them with. I should state that their communication and follow through has been very poor-which I know is my first BIG red flag anyways. They proceeded to reach back out to my candidate directly and have scheduled an interview for her. I know to some degree they already knew of her existence and qualifications. However, had it not been for my involvement and diligence she would not be back on the table as a candidate for them. They have now gone dark on me and my assumption is that they [...]

The Case for Reference Checks

The Case for Reference Checks: 10 Concrete Ways They Can Impact Your Billings By: Danny Cahill I know you don't like to do them, and you know you don't like to do them. They're long and boring and everyone says the same thing and nobody is telling the truth and some people won't give you any info and companies prefer to do their own... Oh Stop. Puh-leeze...Sell that to someone who isn't a master of self-delusion! I've told myself all those excuses. They're not true! Reference checking is a little art, a little sales science, and a fantastic way to showcase your powers of persuasion. Your client: Is slow to make a decision Wants to see more people Doesn't understand your candidate is great but just screwed up on the interview? Well, you can roll out your tired "rebuttal" and leave the clients rolling their eyes OR...you can reference check! A reference check is more than a validation service. It is a sales tool, and used adroitly, can create, alter and close deals. And guess what? You'll never get more live connects than when you do reference checks! That alone makes them worth considering. If you're not sure I know what I'm talking about...I have references!! Member Price: Meeting [...]