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Good Not Lucky: The Metrics of Accountability

By: Beth Schneider Don’t get us wrong. We’ll take some luck. But as you think about your last few deals, how many were part of a strategy, and how many did you fall into as part of your overall approach of Frenzied Desperation?! In this webcast we will share a repeatable process that translates into money. There are three phases to the process. It is simple, executable and it works. How do we know? Your Speaker is Pinnacle Level Biller Beth Schneider, who has had a strong year in the worst recession since, well, since they first started making them. She will help you determine your reluctance to plan, and how to ensure you are having the right conversations with the right people. She will show you how to find qualified buyers, because metrics only hold if we make targeted calls. We’re way past numbers for numbers sake. Beth retrenched and repositioned herself. Let her show you how to do the same. We all read the papers and know the future is bright. But you have to close deals in the present to be around to enjoy it. Let Beth help. Member Price: Meeting on DVD: $119.99 Webcast On-Demand: $34.99 (FREE for Premium Members)

How to Get Clients to Say “I Do”

By: Beth Schneider Do You the Client, take this recruiter…How to Get Clients to Say “I Do” Most clients are really just customers and customers are not loyal! ENGAGE: to promise to do something, to contract for, to assume an obligation. A client is a person who ENGAGES the professional services or advice of another. They are a party for which professional services are rendered, one that depends on another. Are your “clients” engaging you? Do you consider yourself “engaged?” You will always need new clients and that will NEVER change. Beth will show you how to make prospects and customers into clients. Set your strategy, follow a roadmap, execute your game plan and you will meet your forecasts by growing your business with your loyal clients. Join Beth and she will show you how to create clients from customers and gain their loyalty. “The only problem with making a sale is once you make the sale you lost your best prospect.” - Zig Zigler Don’t find yourself in that position! Member Price: Meeting on DVD: $119.99 Webcast On-Demand: $34.99 (FREE for Premium Members)

How Poor Closing Makes You Paranoid

By: Danny Cahill Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone's not out to get you. But in listening to thousands of hours of recruiter's calls we know that we create most of our own issues. Candidates don't "lie". They instead judge you to be ineffectual and elect to hold back their real thoughts from you because they see no benefit to them. Clients will trust you when they feel they're in the hands of a pro who can deliver solutions to their staffing issues. They are all besieged by recruiters claiming to do the same things, with the same process, and often the same verbiage. So in this meeting we will review: Rebuttals to "You called me.", "How much does the job pay?" "I'm not looking, but whatcha got?" We'll show how to get a client's trust by the proper positioning of the fee discussion. We'll discuss how to determine the seriousness of a candidate, and the qualifying questions required to: 1) send them out with confidence 2) deflect and ask for referrals 3) measure the "pressure" they feel for change. We will also help you label your persuasion type! Many of the closes your boss recommends, you will never use because "the close itself is not your [...]

The Grim Reaper of Legal Realities

Hi Danny, I found a placement in the basement recently, but am not sure how to proceed with it. The candidate, we'll call her Jane, interviewed with the company in 2014. It went well, but she turned down the offer 9/2/2014. That was also the last contact I had with the company about Jane. In October, 2014, I checked in with Jane to see if she'd had a change of heart about the offer, but she hadn't. I found out recently that she started with the company in September 2015. I contacted Jane, and she informed me that she applied directly July 2015, and started after Labor Day (September 7) 2015. It's a very similar, but slightly more senior position. The signed agreement - my agreement - says, "The fee is payable should you or any of your affiliated companies engage such a candidate for any position within one year after our most recent communication relating to such candidate." So, on one hand, it's been over a year, by a few days. The skeptic in me says, "not by accident". On the other hand, Jane did apply at around the nine month mark, during a time in which I still had representation. I had recently written off the [...]