Keeping the Faith

Hi Danny, I'm a 20-year veteran of the business and have had a fair amount of success ($5+ million in placements). However, I specialize in IT and, as of late, find myself rethinking whether I'm still capable in this field. I've zipped two months in a row and am having a very hard time staying positive and pounding the rock. I find myself disgusted by 2 p.m. and indulging my own personal "Weapons of Mass Distraction." I've worked my way out of slumps before and weathered the recessions of ‘82 and ‘91/92 but am finding this recession even more frustrating. Other than increasing my confidence through success (placements) which obviously works, is there another elixir of confidence out there? What should I be reading, listening to, drinking, smoking? Hey, trust me; I'm keeping all options open on this. Danny's response, If this were 12-18 months ago, my advice would be the same that I gave the two IT recruiters in my office, and the two IT recruiters I had working virtually for me on the West Coast. That is to say: “Stick a fork in it. You’re done in IT. Move on. Let’s try Biotech.” In the case of the people in my office - one does pharmacists, the other [...]

The Market’s Hot But My Fees Are Not

Principles of Performance Pricing By: Danny Cahill Okay what gives? The market has never been hotter, baby boomers are dropping like flies, the stock market is at record levels, all our companies are hiring and hemorrhaging people and yet... Fee Cutting is at an All Time High!! Why don't the laws of supply and demand hold? Shouldn't the demand for our candidates make everyone fall over just to give us full fees? Uh, not so much. We as an industry are non vertebrae animals. We are so fragmented that the 15 desk, 10-year-old search firm with high integrity and quality methodologies is competing with the solo act in his/her rec room willing to work for a song. And then there is the internet, and its access to resumes, making our folks a commodity in the eyes of our clients. And of course many of us cut our fees for select clients, that is to say everyone, during the tough times, and thought we'd be able to convert our clients when things got better. As Mellencamp sings in his raspiest voice, "just like everything else, those old dreams kinda came and went." So have you had enough of working hard for less? Have you noticed you work harder and get more [...]

Zen and the Art of Consultative Recruiting

Zen and the Art  of Consultative Recruiting By: Mike Goldman Applying Zen to strategy and tactics is simplifying the complex….much the same that Sun Tzu did with military success in his “The Art of War”. In his new seminar, “Zen and the Art of Consultative Recruiting”, Michael Goldman identifies the recruiter as a true warrior. He breaks down the emotional and makes it logical, breaks down the disorderly and makes it orderly breaks down the static and makes it fluid. Today’s Webinar focuses on one specific subject within his presentation, a topic that we deal with every day—“Following The Lifeline of The Objection”. By removing the power of emotions that surround objections and identifying specific tactics as weapons, the recruiter will meet “fear as the enemy” and overwhelmingly defeat it. No objection is untreatable. There is always some victory to achieve. Michael will help you understand objections, what motivates them, how to respond to them, and turn them into successes. Bring your objections with you, there will be time to role-play with your challenges. Member Price: Webcast On-Demand: $34.99 (FREE for Premium Members)