How Poor Closing Makes You Paranoid

By: Danny Cahill Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone's not out to get you. But in listening to thousands of hours of recruiter's calls we know that we create most of our own issues. Candidates don't "lie". They instead judge you to be ineffectual and elect to hold back their real thoughts from you because they see no benefit to them. Clients will trust you when they feel they're in the hands of a pro who can deliver solutions to their staffing issues. They are all besieged by recruiters claiming to do the same things, with the same process, and often the same verbiage. So in this meeting we will review: Rebuttals to "You called me.", "How much does the job pay?" "I'm not looking, but whatcha got?" We'll show how to get a client's trust by the proper positioning of the fee discussion. We'll discuss how to determine the seriousness of a candidate, and the qualifying questions required to: 1) send them out with confidence 2) deflect and ask for referrals 3) measure the "pressure" they feel for change. We will also help you label your persuasion type! Many of the closes your boss recommends, you will never use because "the close itself is not your [...]

Guilt As A Closing Technique

  Danny believes healthy guilt is a good thing. When candidates have it they will give you a ‘tell’. It takes a strong recruiter to call them on it and take them out of process the "Graceful Way". Tweet any questions to @ATD_Danny or email me at Training Website :   Our Quest Over 15 years developing the recruiting industry's top producers. Recruiter training on your terms... live in our office or yours, over the net, or through the latest DVDs, CDs, and books. Techniques for owners to build their firms and create top producers. Guilt As A Closing TechniqueMomentum Is Not Just Metrics  Momentum Is Not Just Metrics