The New Marketing Using BD Silos

Who doesn't love coming into work and banging out 100 cold calls a day? Uh...NO ONE!! While the top producers still have to make some of these calls, it's not their only way of developing business. Danny explains the different silos you should be using every day. Tweet any questions to @ATD_Danny or email me at Training Website : Our Quest Over 15 years developing the recruiting industry's top producers. Recruiter training on your terms... live in our office or yours, over the net, or through the latest DVDs, CDs, and books. Techniques for owners to build their firms and create top producers. The New Marketing Using BD Silos Raising The Rhetoric on Voicemails

Recruiter Sales Strategy Drop The Anchor

Recruiter Sales Strategy - Drop The Anchor When do you talk about your recruiting fee? Blurt it out.“We are at 30%”. The second you start talking about price, let your client know that you provide candidates that are worth a 30% fee. You have then done the right thing by dropping the anchor high. The rest of the call is spent on coming down from your anchor rather than raising up from their anchor. Anchor : The person who states the price first. Dropping the Anchor Drop the Anchor 1st - “We are at 30%” Define 30% - 1st year Salary, Bonus & Car Start High - “We will bill you the first ⅓ today & remaining ⅔ once hired” Let the client say “no” a couple of times Come down to terms you can live with You were so wonderful.  Always funny but more importantly, always ahead of the game. -Gail K. Who's Danny Danny Cahill started at Hobson Associates right out of college. He became its Rookie of the Year, top producer and general manager by the age of 26. At 27 he bought the company and built it into one of the country's largest search firms specializing in Software Sales, BioTech Sales and Industrial Sales talent. He [...]