Hi Danny,
We’re IT Recruiters, and we specialize in ERP software like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, MS Dynamics, QAD etc.

For marketing, we use the MPC method. I have some great data mining tools, that help me figure who the IT director is or who manages ERP, phone numbers and email addresses.

Here’s my problem: The only way I know how to figure out what ERP package a specific company is using, is one at a time by hand. Searching LinkedIn, resumes, job postings etc. looking for any indication of what software a particular company is using. This takes a great deal of time.

Additionally, I don’t think it would be a good marketing call if I pitch an Oracle guy only to find out they don’t have Oracle.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

ATD Response:
You’re over thinking this. “Thinking”, said OJ Simpson, “is what gets you caught from behind.” (He said this when referring to linebackers, not police cruisers!)

I don’t think you HAVE to know whether you are calling an IT director who uses SAP with a candidate who knows SAP. Of course that would be excellent, and if you track every one of these conversations and add notes to your CRM, over time you will be able to be more targeted in your approach, and more specific in your “selling points.” But I know, because I often faced this issue when I placed engineers, that you can still 1) Open with a credibility statement about your success placing IT professionals in ERP 2) highlight some achievements of your candidate 3) but instead of saying, “since you guys run JD Edwards and that is his sweet spot,” you say, “…he has a spectacular skillset, not knowing what you run there ERP wise, I’m not sure of the fit, but let’s chat.” (if a live call, if it’s voicemail, leave it out completely and assume it’s a fit, and when they call back, you can open with that question…)

Now if that still makes you uncomfortable, I think in your situation you can justify a service pitch. Now YOU are the MPC…your achievements, your knowledge, your “bench strength” and “deeply embedded” relationships with a myriad of ERP choices. Now you can say, “Whatever you use, I work with top tier talent, IT athletes that can impact your team immediately.”

Mix it up! Play with it. Whatever gets the highest amount of call backs wins! Remember, the goal is job orders, not to place your MPC.