Hi Danny,

There aren’t enough parking spaces for all of us here. The boss has a reserved spot – so he is not affected. Do I just suffer?

Danny’s response,

I thought briefly of recusing myself since I have a space right outside our office door and would beat anyone who tried to park there to a bloody pulp, but let’s assume for purposes of discussion I earned my spot and your boss didn’t. What is it you are angry about? The fact that there are not enough parking spots or that your boss is not affected?

If it is the former, GET TO WORK EARLIER than those who get the spaces that are available!

If it’s the latter, work your butt off, become the top producer, rise above the petty concerns like this, and before you know it… there’ll be a space that no one else can park in but you. And then, I promise you, the system will seem very fair.