The Case for Reference Checks: 10 Concrete Ways They Can Impact Your Billings
By: Danny Cahill

I know you don’t like to do them, and you know you don’t like to do them. They’re long and boring and everyone says the same thing and nobody is telling the truth and some people won’t give you any info and companies prefer to do their own…

Oh Stop. Puh-leeze…Sell that to someone who isn’t a master of self-delusion! I’ve told myself all those excuses. They’re not true!

Reference checking is a little art, a little sales science, and a fantastic way to showcase your powers of persuasion. Your client:

Is slow to make a decision

Wants to see more people

Doesn’t understand your candidate is great but just screwed up on the interview?

Well, you can roll out your tired “rebuttal” and leave the clients rolling their eyes OR…you can reference check!

A reference check is more than a validation service. It is a sales tool, and used adroitly, can create, alter and close deals. And guess what? You’ll never get more live connects than when you do reference checks!

That alone makes them worth considering. If you’re not sure I know what I’m talking about…I have references!!

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