Dear Danny:

Is it just me or is there an increasing trend of hiring execs only making themselves available for interviews at ridiculously inconvenient times – usually phone, but we just had one do this for an in person, final interview at the end of a two-month process.

In the last month, I’ve had several HA’s who have been impossible to nail down for a call with a candidate offer, “I’m only available Friday at 7 am or Sunday at 9 PM” for a call with the candidate. Another – (a COO at a $400 mm company who insists on interviewing both on the phone and in person every candidate they hire making around 90K or more) just flipped the final onsite interview from 3 pm to 7 am.

When I protest and tell the HA the time is too early, too late etc. and that the candidate may not be on their game as a result of getting up at 5 am and traveling to make a 7 am series of in person interviews, the client starts with the “Well, he must not be that motivated then if he can’t make an early interview.”, or, “It shouldn’t be a problem, we’ll have coffee for him.” I even had one set a call for 7 am, have the candidate cancel travel plans for the current job to make the call and then the HA stiffed the candidate and didn’t keep the 7 am call.

Is it me or is this just rude, inconsiderate behavior? Several candidates have been ticked off by it, one pulled out and the others start questioning the culture of the company and or if they want to work for someone setting interviews so early or late or on weekend nights.

Do I refuse to book it, do I really need to tell them that available interview hours are 8 am thru 7 pm and on weekdays only? It risks the candidate not doing well, looking bad if they resist and me losing a placement if something goes sideways in the process. In another life, I worked for a guy who set 7 am interviews and yeah, he was also the same guy who took pride in booking Sunday night red eye flights when we travelled, emailed me from an adjoining office rather than talk in person, wore a pinky ring with his initials on it, and in every other way was the biggest jerk I ever worked for…not kidding. Am I too sensitive and are my own scars too fresh? lol.

AccordingToDanny Replies:

I don’t think it’s a trend in our biz, I think it’s part of the bigger trend, the kids call it… “the humble brag”.

Humble braggarts pride themselves on their lack of sleep, their commitment, their disregard for societal norms… (At my daughter’s wedding, sure text me during “Sunrise-Sunset” the freaking world goes on!”)

It’s a sad way for them to prove their self-worth.

But you ain’t changing it anytime soon. And neither are your candidates. Unfortunately, you have to play this game, “Man Up” is the message to candidates, other candidates are willing to do this, he’s hard to get a hold of and part of what he’s measuring is how serious you are about work. It WON’T be like this when you take the job…etc.”

PS…I read your email two hours before work, on the toilet, while doing pushups and LinkingIn with clients…because I care…