Hi Danny,

We have had quite a bit of success sending email blasts out to revive old candidates in our database for current JO’s. In your experience, what do you find is the best way to deal with the 90% or so of the replies that you can’t do anything with for this specific search? You definitely don’t want to upset them because they may fit something down the road…but often times it is difficult to reply to each one of them directly.

My Response:

Reaching out to longstanding contacts is an excellent idea, and email blasts the most efficient means. (And similarly, calling or emailing your old placements, just a hello not an overt recruiting attempt, assuming they are still there, is a great way to find not only candidates to submit, but EXCELLENT, PROVEN candidates who have already been vetted. See canceled check!!)

The answer to your question will not please you. The fact that you ask shows a sensitivity to feelings your candidates, for the most part, no longer have. Years ago, 5% of our email blasts would unsubscribe or call me and tell me to cease and desist. Now it never happens. As in zero. Years ago some candidates might be upset if you don’t respond to them, but I doubt very seriously that would happen now. They are besieged and besieging others with email. They don’t expect a response, pleased as they are to get one.

You can only respond to the ones where you can get direct activity via submission or indirect via referral.

The rest? That’s why God (or Apple, I’m pretty sure they are still considered distinct entities, thought you wouldn’t know that by the number of Steve Jobs movies that have been made), gave us Delete Keys…