Case Studies, Scenarios, and the Best Practices of top producers in the current Candidate Centric Market.

Candidates are Crazy:

Final Closing in a Hot Market

(A Three Part Series)


This market won’t last forever. And some of you are saying, “Thank God!” Your candidates can stay where they are and get huge raises, or answer one of the many LinkedIn Inmails from internal HR, or from your competitors or you, or, sigh, simply play you all against each other and go to the highest bidder. Or not. In the best employment market since the Clinton era, search firms are struggling! And why? Because they have updated their CRM’s, their social media profiles, and check all their internet job sites on their Apple watch, but they still use clunky closing techniques formed in a bygone era for a different breed of candidate. 

These sessions are no fluff. Verbiage. Step by step methods and a strategy on what to employ on what type of candidate and when in the placement process to employ it. Some are brand new techniques, and some are universal selling principles you used to know but have disregarded for too long. A lot of you are making the calls, getting the jobs, finding the candidates and getting the send outs. But no deals. Let’s change that together.

Why should you attend? Let some of our recent training attendees tell you:

“The absolute best. PERIOD! Stop looking, there is no one better. Your search for training is over. Danny teaches the best how to be better. It doesn’t matter if you are new or number 1 in your firm, schedule training with Danny! Attend a conference where he is speaking, read his blog posts, do whatever it takes to to learn from the expert. Invest in yourself.” -Kenneth

“Thank you Danny. My latest rookies came back over the moon about your training. Thank you for being a pioneer for staffing. God knows we need more visionaries like you leading the way and setting the tone.” -Leslie

“Danny, who would have thunk it?! Today is day two as a full desk “According to Danny Graduate” (I say with my head held high) and I have received a contract and two job orders, bam! Props, you’re pretty amazing.” -Whitney

These three webcasts will be done live on the following dates:

Series 1: June 30th (DONE)
Series 2: July 30th (DONE)
Series 3: August 27th 
All Webcasts will be 12:00 – 1:00 pm EST
Any purchases will include a recording of the first two webcasts, Series 1: Counteroffers and Series 2: “I have another offer.”

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Nonmember Package Price: $281.22

Each purchase will include a link to the replay of that meeting that will remain active for one week after the live event.

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