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Making Your Senior Recruiters Partners

By: Danny Cahill What differentiates a senior recruiter from a rookie? Money? Sure. Expertise? Of course. A certainty of carriage and knowledge? Without question. But until you make them partners, real partners, with equity roles and a true stake in the company's well being, they're going to wake up one day and say, "What have I got that I didn't have as a rookie, other than these lines on my face?" And they're right. Our industry is run by maverick risk takers. Small companies spearheaded by entrepreneurs who don't like the idea of giving up control. But Danny did this in 1998 and found his company morale increased dramatically, and his decision making was more effective because he had a sounding board of like minded people he trusted, all sharing one goal, grow the company. In this meeting Danny will lay out the logic behind his partner's agreement. He will discuss how he structured it, the legal and accounting reasons why it works, and what you can learn from mistakes he made when he became one of the first owners in the country to offer an ongoing "Partner Career Track" to his recruiters. When someone starts at Hobson Associates, they do so knowing what they are shooting for: [...]

Follow Up Email Script

Hi Danny, Hello, I just signed up yesterday so this is the 1st time I'm using the program. When you speak with a possible candidate and they are not interested however ask you to send your contact information of course you ask them who they know not someone that they know is looking but anyone who is good at what they do. What is a good email message to send them for referrals? Thank you. Danny's response, Welcome to the According to Danny family! We hope to be a contributing factor in you reaching your goals!! (So let us know when you have a deal pending and we’ll cross our fingers and do our relentless hope dance!) Meanwhile, you’re right that “send me your contact info” can be anything on the spectrum from “…I’m brushing you off nicely and we shall never interact again…” to an excellent opportunity for you to maximize this call. My recruiters would instinctively… • Thank this person for his/her time, let them know that the real value in connecting was starting a relationship. We like to tell our candidates that the one thing we know is that circumstances can change overnight, and that everyone should have 3 numbers on their fridge, their doctor, [...]

The Mystery of the Call

Script: This is the one we've been using for ages- we probably average 1 call back per 20-25 messages left. "Hi__________. This is (my name). Your name came up at our executive team meeting and I'd like to discuss the possibility of doing some business together. Please give me a call xxx-xxx-xxxx. Again, this is (my name) at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to your call, ______." More recently, we gave another method a try and the results were horrendous even though the expert said it had an 80% response rate. "Hi___________. This is (my name). Someone suggested we talk. Do me a favor, when you call me back, please tell whoever answers to interrupt me no matter what I’m doing. You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to speaking with you." We read through "What do I say in a Voicemail" and "Recruiting voicemail" and "Get colorful with your voicemail." Our CEO is of the mindset to not mention we are recruiters in any VM. We did like this one, but we want to better understand what makes this powerful. “Jeff, Danny Cahill. You and I haven’t spoken before and because I don’t know how confidential your voice mail is, I’m not comfortable leaving the reason [...]

Closing is for Cowards

CLOSING IS FOR COWARDS: How to make more deals without having to summon courage, go to a therapist, or half-heartedly use a script that scares the daylights out of you. Look, you’re fully formed. It’s too late to rewire you. Some of the great billers Danny mentors are not CLOSERS, they are COWARDS who have learned to compensate. They use the client to close, sometimes the candidate, sometimes their manager. But they know under what circumstances to employ their coward’s playbook. They read the signs. We’ll show you how. A coward trying to use a traditional take it away close, only takes away money from his ATM. It doesn’t have to be that way. In a LinkedIn world, we get objections we never got before, from candidates who are not serious. That’s why internal recruiters get turndowns. In almost EVERY deal you lose, you were being sent signals, (sometimes muted, to be sure) and you chose to ignore them, or were too busy "overcoming the objection". The problem with most Rebuttals is they have the word “BUT” in them, and whatever someone says after they say the word “but”, generally means they didn’t hear a word you said. So your candidates tune out and tell you what you [...]