Fast Track Series: Why Clients Procrastinate

Fast Track Series: Why Clients Procrastinate How to Make the Hiring Process MOVE Faster! When you or I put off doing something, we are clarifying our values; when your clients do it, they are craven cowards unable to make simple hiring decisions! In our many training seminars and retreats and nearly every day in our online Ask Danny section, the frustrated recruiter wants to know why? Why do they tell us to get great candidates and then take so long to respond to the resume? Why do they tell us they want to hire and then after finding the perfect candidate find themselves unable to pull the trigger? Why do Clients Procrastinate? And since they are the customer, is there anything we can do about it? Get your control freak self into lotus position, think happy thoughts, and check out this video Fast Track Series where Dannytook on this topic live with a group of your colleagues. You will come away understanding why your clients act the way they do, and armed with methods that will modify their behavior. Video Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes Member Price: $134.99 Click to Order

How Poor Closing Makes You Paranoid

By: Danny Cahill Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone's not out to get you. But in listening to thousands of hours of recruiter's calls we know that we create most of our own issues. Candidates don't "lie". They instead judge you to be ineffectual and elect to hold back their real thoughts from you because they see no benefit to them. Clients will trust you when they feel they're in the hands of a pro who can deliver solutions to their staffing issues. They are all besieged by recruiters claiming to do the same things, with the same process, and often the same verbiage. So in this meeting we will review: Rebuttals to "You called me.", "How much does the job pay?" "I'm not looking, but whatcha got?" We'll show how to get a client's trust by the proper positioning of the fee discussion. We'll discuss how to determine the seriousness of a candidate, and the qualifying questions required to: 1) send them out with confidence 2) deflect and ask for referrals 3) measure the "pressure" they feel for change. We will also help you label your persuasion type! Many of the closes your boss recommends, you will never use because "the close itself is not your [...]

Put Your Big Pants On

Hi Danny, I recently got into one of those situations with a long term client where I had presented the candidate a few months ago and he wasn't interested. He knew him from a previous project they had worked on, liked him, but decided to pass. Fast forward 4 months, I find out my candidate is now going to work for them! Things changed, someone left his organization, this guy was a good fit and he contacted him on his own. I called him regarding an active candidate we are in the process of interviewing and he is planning on making an offer. He brought up the other situation first and said he wasn't trying to be unfair, but since he had known the guy from before and they'd tried to get him on board in the past, he wanted to think about a compromise. There was never any discussion in the past that they were pursuing him, only that they knew him, but took a pass when I presented him. When circumstances changed he took the opportunity and did a back door on me. I don't want to give him the upper hand but they have been a client of mine for 18 yrs. Both of these [...]

That’s Just Cold

Hi Danny, I have a question specific to IT recruiting, especially developers. I did IT recruiting back in the day before job boards, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. even existed. Back then if you wanted a good candidate you called them at their work and would have a conversation then or most likely, after hours. I left the IT world for a while (healthcare and hated it) and recently moved back to IT (never should have left). I am old school in that I still like to call these java developers at their desks to go along with LinkedIn, emails etc. However, it seems like nearly everybody I call at work gets angry. It is almost like they are shocked I am calling them at work. I am shocked that they are shocked! I know things have changed a lot in the past 15 years but is it now a faux pas to call these individuals while working? I don't seem to have issues with other IT folks, just these developers who tend to be short on personality anyways. Any ideas would be appreciated. My Response: A rookie we have is recruiting developers. In his first 10 sourcing calls, he was hung up on mid pitch twice. So you are [...]